Baron Howard Guest Speaker Baron Howard

Baron was born in Greensboro, North Carolina and attended Calvin Coolidge Senior High School and University of the District of Columbia in Washington, DC. He also attended Florida Memorial College in Miami-Dade, Florida. He is a Certified Life Skills Master Trainer (CLSMT), expert Life Principles Coach, Empowerment/Educational Speaker, Instructor, and Entrepreneur.

Currently he is:

  • Founder/CEO of Entrepreneur’s Success Builders Network (ESBN)
  • Certified Life Skills Master Trainer (CLSMT)
  • Expert Life Principle Coach (ESBN)
  • Developing his CD, DVD Documentary and Book on “How to Develop A Honor Student and A Person of Honor”
  • Service provider/vendor for M-NCPPC


  • Asbury Economic Development Corporation-Washington, DC
  • Men Aiming Higher
  • Big Sis and Company – Empowerment Expert

Speaking Venues:
  • Baltimore County Public Schools
  • Calvert County Public Schools
  • District of Columbia Public Schools
  • Prince George County Public Schools
  • University of District of Columbia
  • Court Services Offenders Supervision Agency
  • 1330 Tenant Association