Frank Love

Industry Leader Frank Love

Frank Love was born in York County, South Carolina.  As a young man he attended, South Carolina area Trade School where he studied barbering—this school is now a four year college, Denmark tech.  The School had a placement program and when Mr.  Percy Jackson, the then owner of Greg’s Barber Shop contacted the school seeking to find new barbers for his shop at 1909 7th Street, N.W. Washington, D.C.; they sent Frank Love and two of his classmates. This was June of 1961.  He came to DC armed with a strong work ethic, and determination to make a good life for himself.   After working at Greggs Barber  shop for six years, Mr. Love met , (Pearlie Mae) the woman he would marry and be with to this day—45 years later. 

Though Mr. Love would work at this shop 38 years before he became its owner, he worked hand in hand with Mr. Jackson, running the day to day business operations. Mr. Love has developed a stellar reputation with the young men who come to his shop.  He has mentored many over the years.  They have found him to be a valuable source of support, a role model and an example of what it is to be of exemplary character.

For 50 years Mr. Frank Love has been laying a positive track in his community; he has been consistent, steadfast, and unmovable.  Making him the kind of unsung hero that we don’t hear enough about; quietly and without fanfare , impacting the community, leaving a foot print, in the lives of others  --  for this reason  the SELF Image  Award foundation has identified  Mr. Frank love as an Industry Leader.