Mildred Muhammad

Keynote Speaker Mildred Muhammad

Mildred Muhammad is a domestic violence survivor with a story to tell the world.  It is not just "a" story – it is "one of the many" stories built on the experiences of domestic violence and the depths of its terror. After her children were kidnapped and her inability to go on living without them, she began the silent struggle of looking for them, knowing that if she exposed herself, John Allen Muhammad would locate her and kill her.  She was triumphant in her struggle to get through those 18 months of not knowing where her children were and re-gained full custody of them.  She fled from her estranged husband and moved to Maryland with the children.

Keeping her promise within herself to help other survivors and with her own personal funds, Mildred began After The Trauma, Inc., as the Founder/Executive Director.  She is striving to enlighten more people that you don’t have to have physical scars to be a victim/survivor of domestic violence while working with victims/survivors that come to the organization for assistance.  She speaks publicly as a means to get the information out to the public on ways to help survivors after their domestic violence experiences.
She has become a "National Spokesperson" for domestic violence and has been honored as being the keynote speaker, telling her story, for many conferences regarding domestic violence. She speaks to victims/survivors of domestic violence, law enforcements, advocates, judges, therapist, counselors, medical professionals and at various universities.  She is an advocate and accompanies victims & survivors to court.