Testimonnial: Senator C. Anthony Muse


September 12, 2009

Dear Madam Walker:

It is with much delight that I send this letter of congratulations on the occasion of The S.E.L.F. Image Awards “Red Carpet Affair.”   How exciting and so deserved!

Many, like me, recognize that you are an icon in our community because of the pride that you engender among our people.  The trend for natural, creative and beautiful hair styles is so evident everywhere we go, and over the years, it has grown tremendously ― transcending all ages, here and abroad.  I continue to marvel at the creativity and individuality that many braided styles express.
Your vision, that “people of African descent will love themselves and each other unconditionally by embracing their natural, God-given beauty in mind, body, and spirit,” is exemplary of your gift and the work you have chosen to do in our community.  I commend you highly for acknowledging and rewarding “natural beauty” among people. 
I pray for your success at this event and for your gifted work in the community, as you “strive for excellence, enhance the image of love for ourselves, and leave a legacy for upcoming pioneers, with faith in God’s promise.”

Warm regards,
C. Anthony Muse

C. Anthony Muse
State Senator, 26th Legislative District
Vice-Chair, Prince George’s Senate Delegation